Free Training

Helping developers, DBA’s, and System Administrators in finding resources for free Big Data/Hadoop training.

Last update on Sept 10, 2013

10gen online MongoDB training

IBM Big Data Free Online Training

Hortonworks Videos

MapR Academy Free  Online Videos

Cloudera MapReduce and HDFS Video

Zero To Pro Training

SAS® OnDemand for Academics

Coursera — University, free online courses. I found Data Science courses

Teradata Big Data Free Online Training


Mix Paid/Free Training:

RedHoop — Mostly paid training (inexpensive), but I found some good free ones in Java, Python,etc…

INSOFE — Paid training, but reasonable pricing


Paid Training:

Stanford University Online Data Mining and Statistics Courses & Certificates

Data Science Apprenticeship

Informs Analytics Resources

Hortonworks Hadoop Training and Certification

TCloud Hadoop Training

Cloudera Apache Hadoop Training and Certification

10gen MongoDB Training

datastax Cassandra Training

Cloudera Hbase Training

HP Partner Big Data Training



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